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Black History Month: celebrating black-owned brands at Veo

October is Black History Month in the UK and a time to celebrate the contribution Black communities and individuals have made over the centuries in shaping the dynamic and diverse country that we have today (Gov.uk).

Black History Month is about celebrating and sharing knowledge; celebrating the contribution black people have made to freedoms, our culture and our society – from books, music to art, with authors such as Malorie Blackman, musicians such as Arlo Parks, and scientists such as Maggie Aderin-Pocock, there are many great individuals to celebrate.

However, it’s also about recognising the positive impact and contributions black people have on the world today and in terms of safeguarding and securing a positive future for all.

Some of our fave ethical black-owned businesses

Here at Veo, we pride ourselves on championing the most diverse, unique, and independent sustainable brands; both here in the UK and beyond! We’re dedicated to making it as easy as possible to support the causes and communities that mean the most to you! So this Black History Month, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate and showcase some of our favourite ethical black-owned businesses across Fashion, Food, Health and Beauty!

Each brand has an incredible story to tell and we’re thrilled to be able to share some of them with you.

Elliot Footwear

Elliott Footwear is the world’s first climate positive sneaker brand. Sustainable, recycled and vegan.

Founded in Copenhagen, Elliott Footwear is a brand with a minimalist approach to style and impact on the planet, born out of a desperate need to act and created with a heart for environmental change. Following extensive research and implementation, Elliott launched the World’s first climate positive sneaker collection in September 2018 and since become a member of the UNFCCC climate change initiative. 

Inspired by Danish design, global art, elegant architecture and contemporary culture a path has found to combine ready-to-wear-everyday-footwear, climate action and a continued journey towards a sustainable profile.

The founder of Elliot Footwear also uses their social media presence to drive important conversations surrounding inclusion, sustainability and more, across other industries.

Discover more from Elliot Footwear.

Jungle Fruits

Jungle Fruits are on a mission to inspire healthier communities by making superfruits more affordable, accessible and convenient for everyone. They set about finding a way to get an exotic fruit fix, capturing all their goodness, in a handy pack you can take anywhere by drying them! Jungle Fruits pick the most exotic fruits dry them and leave them be! Just the way nature intended no sugar, no sulphates, just 100% natural fruit.

Discover more from Jungle Fruits.


Pamoja offers glowing skin and a moment of calm for women on the go. Their award-winning, ethical skincare is handmade fresh, in small batches. Using only the best quality natural, organic and sustainable ingredients backed by science. Suitable for all skin types, but especially dry, dull, and sensitive skin.

Discover the Pamoja range at Veo.


SuperFoodLx are committed to developing luxurious and highly sophisticated nutrient-dense formulations. They endeavour to use a selection of superfood ingredients in every formulation so that each application of their products is like a ‘mini balanced meal’ for the hair or skin. Over the years, nutritional content in food has and continues to deplete so they are always aiming to make every product as nutritionally rich as possible.

Discover the SuperFoodLx range.

Kitchen Cosmetics

Kitchen cosmetics is a business with a mission to create purposeful and ethical products that you love. Founded by entrepreneur Latoya Adlam, each Kitchen Cosmetics product is handcrafted from the best natural organic and sustainable ingredients. Everything they create is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Kitchen Cosmetics makes no compromises on quality. Every product is designed to deliver a luxurious experience that’s gentle to your skin, hair and body while staying kind to the earth.

Discover more from Kitchen Cosmetics.

Explore more from our curated Ethical Black-Owned Businesses edit.


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